Welcome to Smoke and Ink

Not the web site of a weed and tattoo fetishist, so if you were looking for that, sorry. This is home to the writings of the guy who usually goes by the pseudonym of Mark M.

So, have a sit for a while and lets get to know each other. Or look at the various writings on offer. Books, sample chapters of the books available and upcoming, convenient links to painlessly transfer money from your pocket to mine, random musings in the Inklings section, and much more!

I try to keep things spare, simple and minimalist. Just like my writing.




29th August, 2015

Cats Claw is currently free to download. Go ahead and do it or read why here first!

27th August, 2015

Well, the site is live. Sort of. Basic as hell and the payments system isn't set up yet, but everything so far seems to be working.